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Destiny, The Force, and The Sith

Last night, I watched the third episode of The Acolyte, Destiny. I was thoroughly entertained the entire time, even if there are some who believe this series is the “worst thing to ever happen to Star Wars.” They can keep their theorizing and negativity. I’m choosing to focus on why I like this show.

Now, the witches on Brendok have a different perspective on the energy that the Jedi call the Force. The witches refer to it as a Thread, and that’s perfectly fine. Allow me to explain.

How many religions are there on planet Earth? Within the scope of any category of religion, how many subdivisions are there? How often have we read of schisms or reformations within any one purely human religion on this one planet we inhabit?

It only stands to reason that, with thousands of worlds, tens of thousands of years of history, and literally trillions of intelligent beings, there will be even more splits in the concept of religion out in our beloved galaxy far, far away. So while some might argue that the witches are “undermining” or “attacking” the understanding of the Force as the Jedi have presented it, I would argue that they simply have a different perspective.

You might have heard it said once that a number of the truths we cling to depend largely on our own point of view. I’m going to simply ask that you remember that when characters introduce new concepts regarding the Force. This includes cultural perspectives and new Force abilities.

Honestly, almost every Star Wars movie has introduced a new ability or power based in the Force. There wasn’t any telekinesis in A New Hope, nor was there Force Lightning in The Empire Strike Back. We only saw Obi-Wan use a couple of simple Mind Tricks and then use the Force to heal Luke after the Tusken Raiders had beaten him unconscious.  I could go on, but maybe that needs to be an entirely separate article.

Right now, I need to stay on target.

I saw one comment on Reddit that said that implying that Darth Plagueis “plagiarized” the witches in stealing their method of creating life to create Anakin was “doing him dirty.” Plagueis doing this would be very much in line with the mindset of the Dark Side, as it would be taking the quick and easy path. The Sith are not innovators and scholars; they are thieves and murderers. On an intellectual level, they are the equivalent of Thomas Edison or Elon Musk, stealing ideas from their subordinates and claiming them as their own. 

It stands to reason to me that, if Plagueis was looking for a way to sustain his own life, he wouldn’t necessarily have the circumstances to experiment on himself. Also, the process of discovering how to accomplish his goal would probably take longer than the lifespan of a single being. As such, it is only logical to conclude that he would need to acquire a significant amount of understanding of the topic from people who had gone before him, to stand on their shoulders, and then take the next step. He didn’t acquire the knowledge for himself through study and discipline, he stole it.

So what does this mean for me, as a Star War fan?

It means that, once again, the solution to a problem within the Star Wars universe is simply more Star Wars. That’s almost never a bad thing. If the Sith pulling the strings in The Acolyte isn’t Plagueis or Tenebrous, we have to get to their story later. At this point in the timeline, Sidious probably hasn’t been born yet, and we have no idea what will happen between the current episode of The Acolyte and the opening crawl of The Phantom Menace.

One of the problems with the Prequel Trilogy, in my opinion, was that we all knew how it was going to end. There was no way for Obi-Wan or Yoda to die or for Anakin to escape becoming Darth Vader. The Empire was going to rise, and the Jedi would be exterminated. The rest was just details. But not knowing what happens to any of these characters from one episode to the next? Not knowing who will live or die? It’s exciting!

I’m looking forward to next week, and the weeks that follow, so that I can see more of how the story of Osha and Mae unfolds; so that I can learn more about the wonderfully diverse galaxy far, far away; and so that I can discover how all of this fits into the larger tapestry that is Star Wars.

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