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FSF Spotlight Matt Zions of Monkey Cult coffee

  1. What is Monkey Cult Coffee? 

Matt Zions – We say we are the evolution of coffee. We find creative ways to infuse alcohol inspired flavors into high end artisanal coffees.

  1. You offer flavored ground coffee, but not in whole bean; why? 

Matt Zions – We know the flavors will be more consistent if we grind them. We are working on some techniques to create more consistency in whole bean but when you buy a bag of Monkey Cult Coffee it tastes the same every time. 

  1. Why did you get into the coffee business? 

Matt Zions – To create a company that could raise money to fight cancer. 

  1. If it weren’t for coffee, what would you be doing?

Matt Zions – I’d be retired. It felt like the right thing to do. 

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up? 

Matt Zions – I wanted to play Football or Baseball

  1. Star Wars or Star Trek? Why? 

Matt Zions – Star Wars. Because Han Solo > Captain Kirk (prove me wrong)

  1. Whats your favorite book to recommend to others? 

Matt Zions – The Outsiders

  1. What song can you never skip when it comes on the radio? 

Matt Zions – Anything G. Love and Special Sauce (But they don’t get a ton of radio play)

  1. Why does Monkey Cult donate to the National Pediatric Cancer Fund

Matt Zions – We lost someone and wanted to do something to honor them.

  1. If you could sit down with anyone (dead or living) over a cup of coffee, who would it be? 

Matt Zions – Jimi Hendrix… The stories he could tell us… Also I think he would dig our Toasted Coconut Rum Coffee 🙂

FInd out more about Monkey Cult Coffee and all they offer by clicking here – and using code FSF10 at checkout.

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