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FSF SPOTLIGHT ON Gary pillette of Monroe Comic Con

We met Gary Pillette through the Monroe Comic Con, or as it used to be known, as the Monroe Pop Fest. We have had a booth and helped run the Panel Room at Monroe along with the 3 Geeks Podcast and the PVDCast. We thought that as much as we have enjoyed getting to know Gary through this event, that our listeners and followers should get to know him too. Maybe even convince you to come check out the Monroe Comic Con in September 2024.

So lets put the spotlight on Gary and get to know him a bit better.

Tell us about your involvement with Insane wrestling Revolution (IWR) and where your appreciation for professional wrestling began.

I’ve loved professional wrestling since I was a kid watching it on Saturday mornings after my cartoons. My involvement with IWR was when a good friend of mine and pro wrestling legend Rhino asked me if I wanted to start running shows here in Monroe with him. Kinda hard to turn that offer down, so we started up a partnership and began planning Insane Wrestling Revolution! We have similar ideas on how we want it to progress and expand with him handling the wrestling side and me handling promotion. We are also about to embark on our first outside Monroe show in the Port Clinton Ohio area. 

You also run the Monroe Comic Con, once known as the Monroe Pop Fest; tell us about the Comic Con and what it means to you.

The Monroe Comic Con is very special to me. We are in our 12th year now and still hold true to the reason we started it in 2013. That brings a big pop culture convention feel to our community but still make it affordable. With the help of amazing support from not only fans but local businesses we’ve been able to do that while still growing the show.

Where does your nerd flag fly? Is there a particular universe that appeals to you more than the others?

I do lean more towards the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man has always been my favorite super hero since I was a small child. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate DC, Star Wars, Power Rangers and smaller independent comic book universes. I think they all bring something special to fandom. 

Car singer or shower singer? Which arena gets your best performances? Bonus points for telling us what song makes the rounds most often 

Car singer I guess lol. You can see me on I75 rocking out to everything from Audio Two to ZZ Top and everything in between from my Spotify playlist. I may lean more to 90-00’s rock or 80-90’s rap though. I’d have to say the songs making the rounds the most right now is probably My Philosophy by Boogie Down Productions or Whatever by Godsmack.

What is your favorite movie? Your desert island movie, if you will. Why do you love that movie?

Conan The Barbarian all day every day! Not sure I just really enjoy it and other 80’s movies like it.. I just need the saga completed with a King Conan movie before it’s too late. 

Growing up, what was your dream job? And how close did you come to it? 

Besides becoming a football player lol, I thought I’d be a journalist. I was on our junior high and high school papers, attended some MSU seminars on journalism etc but never really followed up after high school. Started my factory life career.

What is your dream for the Monroe Comic Con regarding growth and sustainability? 

I just want it to be a safe, affordable destination for all who enjoy comic books and pop culture for years to come. Growth wise it’ll just be what it becomes. I like our size.

If you could sit down with anyone (dead or living) over a beverage, who would it be and why? 

Arnold Schwarzenegger, just because I think it’d be cool, I’m a simple man, lol.

What’s the biggest misconception surrounding professional wrestling, and why does that bug you? 

That it’s fake or these guys and girls aren’t athletes. Because I see first hand how much they put into their craft and how much it means to them. They truly care about touching the fans even at the cost of their own health. 

Of all the nerdy tech that has yet to be created from Science Fiction TV and Movies, what’s the one thing you’re most hopeful will be made? 

I’ve seen enough tech because of one word….. Terminator !

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