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FSF Spotlight on Voice Actor Mick wingert

Former guest and friend of the show, Mick Wingert volunteered to sit down and answer our 10 questions for him. You may best know Mick as the voice of Tony Stark in Marvels What if? and Arcane as Heimerdinger, to name a couple. You can examine Micks work here at his IMDb page, and see his FSF PopCast interview here.

Ok Lets get into the questions!

Welcome to 10 Questions with Mick Wingert

What’s new in Mick Wingert’s world that fans of Arcane and Marvel’s What If? should be paying attention to?
Can’t talk too much about Arcane, but I think fans of the professor will have their minds blown in where the creative team takes him and all the characters. As to what if, Season 2 should be on the air by the time this is published, so I am excited for fans to see the Big Sakkaar episode that was left out of season 1. It’s so fun and my favorite opportunity to portray Tony.

What has been your most challenging role and why?
The Joker on Batwheels: I love the character so much and there have been so many iconic portrayals of Batman’s better half that I am constantly trying to honor the takes of the character that have come before as well as play him in the very “Clown Prince of Crime” version that is appropriate for preschoolers.

How does Mick Wingert relax in between projects?
I love playing open world or survival type video games. Stuff that has enough drama to keep it interesting but doesn’t stress me out: Stardew Valley, Valehim, Minecraft (modded, of course), and Fae Farm are pretty good examples. I like Raft, too, but that dang shark can get to me sometimes.

If it weren’t for acting, what would you be doing?
Most likely teaching – acting or theater. I have an aptitude for it and I came from a really good theater training school in my hometown, so I would want to recreate something like that. However, I’m pretty good with linguistics, too. About 20 years ago I met a man who actually worked for the CIA as a linguistics expert. He could recognize speech and dialects from dozens of localities down to a village or even an area of a village. I’m NO WHERE near that good, but when I heard that, I was awestruck! The intricacies of human speech are so interesting and unique.

What was your dream job when you were a kid?
Super villain. Or, barring that, Gameshow Host

Books, comic books, or graphic novels? What about that media do you like?
I love Horror in almost all its forms. It’s a unique and powerful genre to work in and communicate through. Hit me up to find out my horror recommended reading list.

On a lighter note, I love good adventure stories and in terms of graphic novels my all time favorites are Crisis on Infinite Earths, The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (I have trade back editions of each signed by Marv Wofman and the late George Perez), Batman: The Long Halloween and Dark Victory by Tim Sale and Jeff Loeb, And Kingdom Come by Alex Ross. All of those books are such good storytelling through the art of comics. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the whole run of Kirkman’s Invincible. That comic is everything that’s fun about comics.

Windows down, the music is turned up; what song are you belting out?
So many! But the guilty pleasure song to belt when no one is there is “You Never Even Called me By My Name” by David Allen Coe – its a honkey tonk country song (not my normal genre – I’m more Old Standards and Classic Rock) but it’s so darn singable! It also contains the “quintessential country and western song” verse:
“I was drunk the day
My Ma got out of Prison.
And I went to pick her up
In the raaaaaiiin”
But before I could get to the station
In my Pickup truck
She Got runned over by the danged ol’ train…”
It’s so fun to belt… in fact, where is my phone, I gotta turn on my spotify…

What is something that you have always wanted to learn how to do but just haven’t yet?
How to play the Ukulele. I lack the fine motor skills to be good at it, so I need to take more time to practice.

If you could sit down with anyone (dead or living) over coffee, who would it be, and what would you talk about?
The Marx Brothers. Just to hear their stories of being on the road with their Vaudeville act, and then about the movies they made. I could listen to that kind of stuff for hours!

In all of pop culture, who is your favorite villain, and what sets that villain apart?
Mmmm… good question. I love a good bad guy – so many to choose from. I know it’s campy, but I have always loved the villains from the 1980 Flash Gordon Film. That movie captured my imagination as a kid. It’s a toss up for me between Max Von Sydow as Ming and Peter Wynguard as Klytus. They are both so perfectly menacing and embody all the deliciousness of a good classic villain – powerful, conniving, regal, theatrical, well dressed (the costumer loved Von Sydow in that movie) and ruthless – or should I say, “merciless.” But that’s just a couple that I like. My first favorite villain that I can remember was The Penguin as played by Burgess Meredith. He seemed like such a clever villain and the trick umbrellas – Hello! How fun is that for a concept? Incidentally, I had the biggest Top-Hat fettish because of him for most of my young life. Never got a real one…maybe now that I’m an adult…LOL!

Thanks to Mick Wingert for answering our 10 Questions! You can look forward to seeing more of Mick on the FSF PopCast in 2024! Maybe we will be able to talk about Arcane Season 2 then … we will see!

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