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Favorite Doctor Who Moments

I know not everybody’s a Doctor Who fan. I get it. It is a show that either you love or you don’t. And I get that. I respect that. So I want to talk about my top five favorite Doctor moments since the 2005 reboot. I am not a classic who watched either. I tried. I can’t do it. I understand why people can’t do it.

Number Five Amy and Rory’s Goodbye.
What? How is how is Amy and Rory saying goodbye one of your favorite favorite moments. Nobody likes goodbyes. That’s true. Nobody likes goodbyes. But lots of people like completed storylines. The Amy and Rory story was complete. They had spent their time with a Doctor, and they had done all of the things that they wanted to do. But Amy and Maria talked about the fact that they were enjoying having a normal life. They decided to travel with a Doctor one last time. And as one last times always go, things went wrong.
So the angels take Manhattan see Amy, the Doctor and Rory in 2012. Manhattan until Rory goes to go get coffee and disappears. Through a typical Doctor Who and fabulous sci fi writing, and a few bumps in the road, Amy and The Doctor make it back to 1938 Manhattan to meet up with Rory and River. Finding out that the Angels are taking over the city they are causing all of these time disruptions. They have to figure out a way to stop the Angels.
Well, the best way to stop something that feeds off of time energy is to create a paradox. A paradox will stop what they’re doing. So Rory realizes the only way to stop the paradox is for him to kill himself because he watched himself die downstairs. So Amy and Rory jump off the top of the building together to stop this paradox. You know, jumping off the building, that’s a really that’s a really sad way to go.
And then they wake up in a cemetery, they broke the paradox guys, they did it.
They’re gonna go get in the TARDIS with the Doctor and River until Rory sees his name on a headstone.
He sees his name on the headstone and he is instantly grabbed by an angel who was behind him and sent back in time. Amy decides to follow Rory and that’s a huge thing. That’s a great thing for their for their storyline. Because there had been moments in their storyline where Rory question whether or not Amy really loved and she decides to sacrifice herself to an angel so that she can be with the love of her life for the rest of their lives.
That’s pretty great. Amy and Miranda have living their lives together and I think that that was the most perfect ending for their story. I mean, you have their story arc from the 11th hour, where Rory is a comedic character to then Rory getting taken by the time crack and Amy forgetting who he is, forgetting that Rory existed to Rory coming back as if Roman Centurion.
I swear if you haven’t seen these episodes, this actually all makes sense. I am not speaking gibberish. For them to get to go together was the perfect ending for them.

Number Four Professor Yana
So during the 10th’s and Martha’s time traveling together, they got themselves into some interesting situations. After stopping in Cardiff, to refuel the targets, the Doctor and Martha head to the distant future.
Partially because they’re trying to outrun Captain Jack Harkness. They then meet Professor Yana,
a human who seems to be trying to do the best for the people that are around him, trying to save them from their dying planet. That is until Martha realizes he has the same watch that the doctor has.
He’s also Timelord. The doctor thinks that he’s the only time lord left until Professor Yana opens that watch. And Professor Yana is none other than the doctors nemesis, The Master.
But why Professor Yana? Why is his name Yana? Yana is an acronym for – “you are not alone.”
Well, those were the final words that the face of Bose said to the doctor who’s the face of Oh, no. Another thing Captain Jack Harkness. Again, it’s one of those moments where all of these puzzle pieces that shouldn’t fit. Suddenly click and you realize why you love the show.

Number Three Who is River Song? We were first introduced to River Song and the episode silence in the library with the 10th Doctor and Donna. River song comes into this relationship knowing literally everything there is to know about the Doctor, but he has no idea who she is. How does this woman that he just met know everything about him? Who is she? Where did she come from?
It’s not until the 11th doctor that we find out who River Song is. She’s the woman who killed the doctor. She’s the Doctor’s wife. She’s also the daughter of Amy and Rory. I think for her song storyline is pretty cool. Alex Kingston put so much into that character she brings so much to the show. And the reveal that River Song is the daughter of Amy and Rory is beautiful to me. I think it’s a really cool story. Check it out yourselves. Tell me if you agree.

Number Two The Blink Episode When people say – I just can’t, whats the best introduction to Doctor Who, How should I do it? My answer is blink. Because it’s just good. Sally Sparrow and her friend Catherine are exploring an old house, then Catherine disappears. Moments after Catherine disappears, a guy shows up at the front door, saying that he’s got a letter from his grandmother that he was told to bring here on this day at this time.
A letter from his grandmother, his grandmother is her friend Catherine, she just saw Catherine was taken by the Weeping Angels, but sadly finds out that there’s these notes written through the house warning her about the Weeping Angels saying her name specifically, there are easter eggs on DVDs of this man talking to the camera, obviously having a one having one side of a conversation. But who is he? Why does he know this information? And why is this easter egg only on the DVDs that Sally owns?
You find out that all of this information was given to the Doctor, the man in the DVD, by Sally herself.
So she has a conversation with this recorded version of the doctor where he is reading off of the notes that her friend is taking on the conversation that she’s currently having. It’s super cool, and the Weeping Angels are just seriously scary.

Number One The return of Rose. I got into Doctor Who in 2005 when it rebooted with Christopher Eccleston. And I know that the Ninth Doctor is not everybody’s favorite. But Rose Tyler, the first companion in the new reboot has probably the most heartbreaking ending. She is trapped in an alternate universe away from the doctor who she loves, until she figures out because time is collapsing. She can make it through and she can come back into this reality. She comes back to the reality she’s wanted to be and she has come back to the man that she loves. Justin have interviewed Alex. Of course there’s Daleks. There’s always Daleks. In the episode, there ended up being a meta crisis between the Doctor and Donna, which results in a human version of the Doctor separate from the other Doctor, so we have two Doctors, which introduces David Tennant on screen. I don’t think anybody’s gonna complain about that ever. But this meta crisis was born out of war. He’s an abomination on some level. He shouldn’t exist. The Doctor makes sure that this human version of himself can go be with Rose in the alternate reality in the parallel universe. He gives her the best part of himself. He’s got all the same memories as him. He loves Rose just as much as his original version does. But he’s human, and he will grow old with her. She gets to have the Doctor, she gets the man that she loves, but not an alien version of him. Those are my top five favorite Doctor Who moments. Yeah, a lot of them are sappy, but I’m a sappy person at times, it happens. Let me know in the comments what your favorite Doctor Who moments are. Or, if you know of you people that haven’t watched Doctor Who, help them try it out and let me see what you think.
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