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5 reasons to re-watch the book of boba fett

Okay, yeah, I definitely want to talk about Boba Fett. So The Book of Boba Fett concluded its run some time back on Disney Plus, and the show kind of received a lot of flak. Some of it maybe warranted, some of it maybe not. It’s up to personal opinion, right? So, you get to like what you like, I get to like what I like. We each respect that and everybody goes away happy. But there are five things for sure that I definitely appreciated about the Book of Boba Fett, and I want to share them with you. So here they are ….

Number 5

Cad Bane. I mean, come on, we got Cad Bane, in live action! So Cad Bane in The Clone Wars and the Bad Batch was always my one of my favorite bounty hunters. I just thought he was so cool. You know, the Wild West look and all, with the gunslinger motif and attitude and all these different things. I always thought Cad Bane was really cool. And so to see him on Tatooine, walking up to Cobb Vanth was amazing for me. As soon as I saw his silhouette, I knew exactly who it was, it was unmistakable. There is a distinct possibility that I may have awoken some of my family members with early morning excited yelling. So yeah that happened …. Cad Bane!

Number 4

Fennec Shand. Ming Na Wen plays Fennec Shand, and she has voiced her in the animated version of her as well. Frankly, to see her come to the bigger screens as well has been really cool. Through the Book of Boba Fett we get to know Fennec a little bit better, see her personality kind of get fleshed out and see her as a character, not just a bounty hunter, has been very enjoyable for me. Another point to pay attention to is the relationship between Fennec and Boba. Watch as they grow in the appreciation of each other’s skill sets and knowledge bases, and then into a boss and employee relationship and then evolve into a trusting friendship is a pretty nice piece of storytelling and character development .

Number 3

Let’s talk about the 1000 pound Wookie in the room. Black Krrsantan. I have to admit, I’ve never been big into reading the books. I was never really one to deep dive into legends and lore – I liked hearing about them, but was admittedly lazy and didn’t the research for myself. Instead, I was always very much so in the camp of – If it was on film, if it’s on a video game, those are the things I paid attention to. I read a couple of the books growing up, and a few of the comics, but never any of the ones that involved the Wookie Black Krrsantan. To be honest I had no clue who this large growling and very angry looking Wookie was on my TV screen. The show was paused and off to the Googles I went. But I am also used to Wookies being mostly nice and only the threat of them ripping your arms off and beating you with them – i.e. Chewbacca. Oh yeah, by the way, if you’re not already following the FSF PopCast, we have an interview with Carey L. Jones you’ll want to check out. Carey is the actor who portrays Black Krrsantan, it’s a great conversation with a lifelong Star Wars fan who got to live out some of his dreams. You can listen on you favorite audio podcast provider, or you can watch it here –

Number 2

The involvement of the Tusken Raiders. Look, for anything that we’ve ever seen in Star Wars history before, the Tusken Raiders have been just the guys who stand on the ledge above somebody and holding up their sticks and yelling, and that’s it. They’re grunt, they yell, they walk in single file. Those are the very few things that we knew about them, and they were animals … I mean, at least according to Anakin. But this show humanized them. We got to see them as a people, as a tribe. We get to see how they interact with one another, the value of community to them, really get to see them as so much more through the lens of this show and the Mandalorian season 2 as well. The Tuscans took Boba Fett in, trained him how to fight, how to survive in the desert, and even clothing him and taking them into the tribe. I really appreciated the role of the Tusken Raiders in this and getting to know them and understand them a little bit better. And I’m hoping that if the series goes on, if we can get a season two of Boba Fett, that we see a little bit more of him reaching out to other maybe other Tusken tribes and develop the story more.

Number 1

The escape from the Sarlacc Pit. I have been waiting since he went into the Sarlacc Pit in The Return of the Jedi, and the rumors of how he got out, and that he survived because of his Beskar armor. I have been waiting to see that hand punch up through the sand. So getting to see that, for me, as a lifelong Star Wars fan, really was VERY cool. And then you take that from not only just escaping the Sarlacc Pit, but also getting to see Boba Fett in something more than just little snippets here and there, because let’s be honest – he’s been a background character. He has lived in the minds of Star Wars fans for 30 plus years, and for those 30 plus years he’s become more than what he originally was. We’ve played him up to be this iconic character, which he has become over time, but until the Clone Wars and the prequel movies – we had a few random scenes. So having the opportunity to see this come to fruition, the opportunity to see the hand punched through the sand, watch Boba become something more than just a bounty hunter. Because of this show, he is now no longer a background character, he’s now a real character with real depth and a story.

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