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Geeks With Mics!
Tim Beisiegel – Host

Tim is a big fan of music, video games, nerdy pop culture and family. Married for nearly 25 years and the father of 3 kids. He loves Star Wars, in case you hadn’t noticed yet. Other loves include 90’s era grunge rock and sushi. Tim thinks you should watch Episode 66 with Sam Witwer.

John Wass – Editor / Evil GM

John is the man behind the scenes. After an odd incident with a duck, John joined into a life pledge with Kathleen and began tiny person making. In his spare time he has made a drinking game out of how many “um”s he has to remove from each episode. He may or may not need medical attention at this point. Actual job title – Professional Turd Polisher. John thinks you should watch Epsiode 1 of our Star Wars TTRPG.

Kathleen Wass – CoHost

Emerging from the swirling mists of the æther, Kathleen has travelled to our time to better understand the meaning of the word “funny.” Why Tim, Nick, and Ben were selected to be her case studies, only her superiors at the Center for Inter-Temporal Studies “TRULY” understand. Her tiny person that she made will be her undoing. Kathleen thinks you should watch Episode 42 with Ogie Banks.

Ben Reilly – CoHost

Ben enjoys long walks up fiery mountains to destroy gold rings. Spending their days sipping tea, and admiring their amazing wife. While their nights are spent contemplating the universe staring up at the sleep paralysis demon on the ceiling. Ben thinks you should watch Episode 80 with Wil Wheaton.