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FSF PopCast Spotlight on Lloyd Cheatham

Last year at the 2023 Monroe Comic Con, we were fortunate to have our booth sat next to an amazing artist named Lloyd Cheatham Jr. We got to know him over that weekend and realized that Lloyd was going to very quickly be a friend of the show and someone that we wanted to get to know. 

Lloyd does work in the nerd and pop culture world as well as portraits. His work of John Wick, Batman, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul alone had me looking forward to seeing the rest of this man’s work. He has had several art showings in the Monroe, MI area with more to come. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and buy his art! Support real artists! 

Let’s get to know Lloyd!

You’re an amazing artist. What was your inspiration for getting involved in art?

As a kid my mom would buy me Transformers, GI Joe’s and art supplies that helped me to create my fantasy world that as I got older she wanted me to come out of. She lived long enough to tell me she’s glad I didn’t listen and stayed in a fantasy world.

Who is your favorite character to animate and why?

 I love to draw Batman and Spider-Man. Batman cause he’s menacing and shadowy and beats your tail. Spider-Man, well, he’s Spider-Man. His acrobatics and the way he contorts in the air and on walls is fun.

Do you accept commissions and, if so, how does that process work?

I normally do, but they are closed right now as I have a few art shows and exhibitions about to start and won’t have much time to dedicate to commissions.

(editors note – links for his Artist Website are at the end of the article)

Where does your nerd flag fly these days?

Will always fly DC!! And specifically lately, the Arrowverse. Looking at Arrow again, he’s freaking Batman with a bow, lol he was even married to Ras Algul’s daughter, he was trained by League of Assassins, the whole shadowy figure. Maybe that’s why I liked the show so much BATMAN!!! Is my fav… hands down.

Shower or Car singer? And what song gets into your rotation the most?

Car singer! Most definitely my man Wale, along with J.Cole, Tupac, Jagged Edge, and Kane Brown. I’ll be in my own world. I love to sing to my dog too. He runs and I chase him, lol.

What is your favorite book to recommend to someone, regardless of genre?

 I am a consummate student. I read things that will be and means to an ends. As I am an artist I keep art books on deck to reference, the Intron Depot series is my favorite.

You also have a podcast, tell us about that and what topics you cover?

The Creative Conversations is a podcast where I talk with other creatives about the creative journey and what it takes to go on that journey. Beyond the Tracks Podcast are conversations with the fellas about everything; there is no true niche yet. We offend everyone equally. 

Editors Note – Links for both podcasts.

  1. Beyond the Tracks –
  2. Creative Conversations –
If you could sit down with anyone, dead or alive, what would you talk about over a cup of coffee?

Man, this is easy! Before understating who I am in the creative mindset, I would have said Jim Lee. Learning who I am and how I think, Todd McFarlane!!! The way he thinks and executes is eerily how I think. I don’t feel completely weird anymore, lol… he doesn’t follow rules and always asks why can’t I do that? That is literally me. 

We met you through the Monroe Comic Con, once known as the Monroe Pop Fest; tell us about the Comic Con and what it means to you.

The monroe comic con is home!!! I helped Gary Pillette start it 12 years ago. Got him my friend Talent Caldwell to come and it was just amazing. Life started lifing on me, it took a while to come back. 10year anniversary was my come back home and I’ll never leave again. As a kid we didn’t have these kinds of things in Monroe and to be part of it is an awesome feeling.

Who or what is the one thing that you have yet to draw, and why havent you?

I haven’t been able to finish a comic on my own. I found out why though, I’m an artist not an illustrator. I love to create and not be repetitive. Years ago, a great artist and friend of mine said” I’ll never draw a comic, it’s like cutting out half of my brain!” I never understood that until recently. I wrote an amazing script, developed some dope characters. I drew 14 pages and, oooh squirrel… lol! I started back doing what made me want to be an artist, fine art, paintings, portraits, cover art… this is my happy place!

For more on Lloyd Cheatham JR, please visit the following

Facebook –

Art by Cheat Website –

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