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FSF PopCast spotlight on Phil Better

Phil has been a longtime friend of the show and an avid supporter of our nerdiness. We have also been the thankful recipients of his sage-like advice and guidance. Phil is our podcast guru, our helper, and essentially the 5th Beatle here at the FSF PopCast. It’s safe to say there wouldn’t be the version of the show you see now without the encouragement and advice of Phil Better.

We hope this little spotlight we can shine on one our friend and fellow podcaster, Phil Better, encourages your paths to cross with his.

What video game are you playing currently? 

I was never a big online player until 2020 when my buddy convinced me to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to join his family’s COD Clan and play multiplayer. I want to shout out to the lads of EZPK because 2020 would have been so much worse for me mentally without them. They helped me relax after a hard day at work and encouraged me with my podcasting journey. Then COD dropped the DMZ expansion and now I hardly go a day without strapping up and heading into the DMZ on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to try and survive the AI and other players in the game.

And what game is your all-time favorite?

Listen, I will be a Nintendo kid until the day I die. They have the best IP to bring kids from beginner gamers to when the gamer is ready for the more adult world of Playstation and X-box or Computer gaming. So when Super Smash Bros for the N64 was announced, from that day forth, no game could ever compete for All-time Favourite game for me because growing up in the golden age of videos, I, like so many children of the 90s, dreamed of fighting Mario as Lugi or Pikachu vs Jiggilypuff and if at a party someone busts out any version of Smash Bros I have to play. I generally lose but always have a blast.

You have several podcasts; tell us about them and what each is about.

  1. Invest In Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast is the 2020 Snobbie for Best Business Podcast award winner, where Digital Entrepreneurs, who have escaped the life of the 9 to 5 job market or are creating their paths out of the traditional job market, looking to help others do the same join the Podcast Mogul to share their secrets. Learn from Lloyd Ross, The Millionaire Money Mentor, who wrote about leveraging the Stock Market to escape the 9 to 5 life as he did, with everything you need to learn about investing, then there are the likes of Kute Blackson, born in Ghana, won the Green Card Lottery to travelled to America to just so he could learn the secrets of living authenticity which allowed him to be featured on Larry King Now, Fox and Friends, Dr. Drew and had Inc. magazine called him ‘The Mindfulness Guru Billionaires Go To For Advice’ or even learn of OG Digital Marketers like Dom Einhorn, who started his career at the same time as the internet began, and now he’s the owner of a Rugby team in France. This podcast is for those who found the traditional world lacking, those who want to add more creativity into their lives, and those who have dreams that a regular job keeps bursting. 
  2. Invest In Yourself: The Podcast Series is a podcast about podcasters, their podcasts and the tools they use. Since Podcasting is my passion and from launching the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast, I know how powerful talking with people who are trying different things than you are. I knew that interviewing them about their podcast would be the best way to learn from them while giving them the opportunity to promote their Podcast to the audience I was growing who may never have had the chance to learn about their podcast otherwise. This podcast has led to fantastic connections with other podcasters I call friends.
  3. The Phil Better Show is the podcast for 90s action movie lovers. My favorite genre of movies is action, and the 90s was my childhood, so I love to revisit it when I can. I do that with guests and their favorite 90s action movies. We discussed the movie, and they explained when they first saw it, how it became their favorite, and which actor was the best in their eyes. Again, this is to share my love of movies with a broad audience, and it was my first official podcast.
  4. Stock Dirty 2 Me was born out of a client who wanted to talk about the craziness that was going on after the initial rush of 2020 stock investing and help the people who got caught up in the Gamestop and AMC craziness learn to avoid things like that in the future and another podcaster looking to livestream in his stock market Facebook group for beginners. I introduced the two, and they asked me to produce a weekly livestream, with them being the ones with practical knowledge and theory and me being the regular everyday person just starting. Today we interview investors about how, where, and why they started investing and share insight into where the listeners should start their education when it concerns investing in the stock market.

Where does your nerd flag fly?

I have a very niche Nerdom as I enjoy everything that deals with Starships or Spaceships. I’m talking about Star Trek, Star Wars, Flight of the Navigator, Treasure Planet, Firefly, and the ship from the TV show Red Dwarf. My ultimate dream is to captain a Starship and be like Picard or Mal, with endless possibilities open to me.

What’s your favorite fandom?

I am a Browncoat and lover of Star Wars. I enjoyed the Firefly series and movie because WESTERN IN SPACE!
With Star Wars, I want to offer a very HOT TAKE… I might get canceled for this, but a risk I am willing to take. My hot take is that each new Star Wars movie, TV show, or product is perfect because that thing brought a new member into the fandom. They will be able to continue the love I have for Star Wars when I first saw Return of the Jedi in my uncle’s basement all those years ago on a VHS and his huge old TV.

What is it about the podcasting industry that you enjoy so much?

With podcasting, there is so much to love from the community you can build with fans or other podcasters, and there are so many different possibilities for a podcast to be about.  I love that everyone can have a podcast, and only the very best or the most passionate will rise to the top because we understand the work that goes into podcasting and you have to love this medium because sometimes there is no love back.

When not podcasting, what do you do to relax and recharge? 

If I am ever able to turn my brain off from podcasting, I recharge by spending time with my nephew, who is the best because he just wants to play hockey or soccer. The other thing I will do to relax, and I want to do more of in 2024, is read. My dad is a huge reader and got me hooked at a young age in reading, so now, beside me, I have a business book ‘Million Dollar Weekend’ by Noah Kagan with Tahl Raz and the second book in the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb called Royal Assassin.

Shower or Car singer? Which arena gets your best performances?

I am definitely a Car singer, but only on road trips. When I am just driving around doing errands or going to or from a house, podcasts, audiobooks, or self-improvement are playing on the stereo.

Everyone knows the bathroom acoustics are the best for signing. If I were to sing in the shower, which is neither a confirmation nor denial, the song would be Barrett’s Privateers because a Sea shanty is always good with water!

What is your favorite book to recommend to others to read or listen to, regardless of genre?

The one book I now recommend all the time is ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss, as without reading that book, I would have never started down the journey of Entrepreneurship that I am on that is leading me to my ideal life.

Every time someone I am talking about tells me they are stuck in life or feel school is useless or anything negative, I ask them if they could do anything without worrying about money most of the answers are they just wish to be free to do what they want, which leads me to suggesting this book because the guy who wrote it now works 4-hours a week on multiple businesses that generate the life he wanted.

What’s the single greatest piece of advice you ever got, and who did it come from?

This is really hard because, in every single episode of my Digital Entrepreneur podcast, I have guests give me such fantastic advice that has helped me so much in my life so far, but one piece of advice sticks out from four entrepreneurs who are on my Top 10 Dream guests put on their website about who they are. 

They are Yes Theory, who believe life’s greatest moments and deepest connections exist outside of your comfort zone, so I always try to push myself to live outside my comfort zone each day.

What ability or skill do you feel everyone should possess and why?

I want to give one ability and skill that everyone should have. Once you master these two things, the world will be pretty much your oyster. 

The ability you should master is active listening because when you can be an active listener, you can show the person with whom you are in conversation that you are engaged by referring to something they said while adding your take to the topic. This will make the person feel listened to and necessary.

The skill people need to have is asking questions that make people genuinely interested in the topic they are discussing. The number of times when I have been in a conversation, interview, or around friends, I notice how everyone questions people like they are interrogating a suspect.

Once you learn, these people will leave with a positive feeling that they will do anything for you after interacting with you. 

They say the best flattery is imitation. So in imitation of your shows, I am going to give you the stage. Tell everyone what they need to know about Phil Better and why they should be working with you. 

First, I want you to leave a review for the FSF PopCast because, without this fantastic podcast, my chances of meeting Nathan Fillion are closer to zero than I care to admit. 

Now that you’ve done that, you should reach out to work with me because you want to have a podcast, and instead of wasting days learning how to run a podcast, my method can have you “working” just two hours a week on your podcast, saving yourself the hours podcasting typically takes. 

This can work for anyone for any podcast topic, so reach out on any social media platform.

Thanks to phil better!

Seriously guys, go give a Phil a follow on his socials. If you are a podcaster, you need to know Phil. One chat with Phil and he will be your Sherpa too …. I guarantee it!

Click here – begin your journey – invest in yourself!

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  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be interviewed by the amazing Tim Beisiegel for this article.

    This is an honour to be considered the 5th Beatle of this amazing crew of podcasters!

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