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The suit that Phasma wore

Some of the great things we learn about movies and TV shows are those behind-the-scenes tidbits that change how you look at things. The things that make you step back and wonder what if. What if they didn’t make that change? What if the story would have developed that way? What if they would have left that character in? These are the things that happen in almost every TV show and movie you have ever watched. Something, somewhere gets changed before it gets sent to the television screens or movie theaters. 

The most recent example of this for me is the costume of Captain Phasma from the sequel trilogy and how it came to be. Originally planned for another character and almost scrapped altogether before the start of shooting. But this uniform we see Captain Phasma wearing in the movies was a late addition. So instead of wearing the standard white or black of the StormTroopers we see her in the now famous shiny chrome, used to indicate her higher rank. And I’m thankful that this uniform wasn’t lost to the drawing room floor, it would have been a shame to not have an iconic suit like Phasma’s included in Star Wars

Who was it designed for? 

So if not for Captain Phasma, who was this shiny chrome come suit built for? Would you believe me if I said Kylo Ren? Well, you should. The chrome suit was originally going to be around the grandson of Darth Vader. Kylo Ren in Chrome would have been interesting honestly. 

So the reasons and choices made to scrap that suit for use for Kylo Ren make a lot of sense. To be the big bad, the evil that is feared, needed a more menacing look. Part of why Darth Vader was so feared is that he was physically imposing and his suit added to that appearance and feeling. The Chrome suit, although very cool in appearance, would not have had the same effect. 

Also wanted was a subtle or, not-so-subtle, nod to the original bad guy, Darth Vader. In the sequel trilogy, we see Kylo trying to emulate his grandfather in every way. Calling out to him, asking him to show him the power of the dark side. Whether or not Kylo realizes that his grandfather died as Anakin Skywalker and on the light side of the force, not as Darth Vader, remains to be told. 

Does it Matter? 

In the long run, no, not really. But if you’re a fan of silly movie trivia bits and bots, then this is for you. Personally, I love getting these little stories about my favorite shows, whether they are from TV or the movies. Helps add a little something extra to them, and can only increase my fun the next time I watch them. 

So, if you’re at all like me, then I hope this little bit of useless Star Wars trivia made you smile a little more.  And, if this made you smile, then our podcast should really do the trick! Consider giving us a follow on Patreon, YouTube, and your favorite audio podcast platform! 

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