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Top Five Bluey Episodes

So it’s been a while since I’ve done this and I’m a little nervous, but it’s 5-5, which means I’m going to talk to you about my top 5 favorite whatever I want to talk about this week. But however, because this is a very serious topic, I need to look more professional. So. Alright, now that I’m professional looking, excuse me, my horn is crooked. Anywho. So this week I wanted to talk to you guys about one of the latest phenomenon in our household. That being the Disney TV show, Bluey. Yes, guys, I am going to spend my 5-5 talking to you about Bluey today. You’re welcome. Enjoy, so number 5 of my top 5 favorite Bluey episodes is Flatpack. And guys, Flatpack is harder to say than it should be, which is why I just paused and laughed so that John didn’t have more bonus content.

Number 5

  • In this episode, Bingo and Vandet, mom and dad are building a new porch swing, a Flatpack piece of furniture, and for anybody who’s ever put together anything from IKEA or solder with their spouse, you understand that sometimes it’s easier just to do it yourself. But while mom and dad are working on that, Bingo and Bluey are making their own little world out of the Styrofoam and the packing pieces. They go from fish to frogs to lizards to monkeys to cavemen to humans. Well, technically I guess they’re still dogs. Anyway, so they’re going through and they’re pretending that they are these different things. And it’s a lot of fun. It’s the little girls getting to be silly and be fun while their parents try to build this swing. One of my favorite interactions in this episode is between Chilli and Bandit. While they’re trying to build this swing and Chilli’s trying to show Bandit the instructions, he specifically says that he’s not going to take instructions from a cartoon dog. While knowing that that’s what all of us parents are doing is that we’re taking advice from a cartoon dog … Rude Disney, rude,

Number 4

  •  Bluey can’t sleep, so mom is going to read her one last story, but they are interrupted by unicorse. The most annoying hand puppet in the world will Bluey tries to reform. Bluey tries to help unicorse be a better friend. But he is also… He’s just horrendous, guys. He’s just… he’s just horrendous. He’s hilarious, but he’s awful. Part of this episode that I enjoy is even actually just the title sequence, because they get to the point where they’re introducing the title of the episode and Chilli says that this episode is unfortunately called… unicorse. So even in that, the mom knowing that this is going to go badly is pretty great. The other thing that I enjoy from this one is actually an interaction between unicorse and Bluey, where Bluey asks unicorse what his favorite food is. And his response… Children. Guys, you can’t put stuff like that in a kid’s cartoon. And yet you totally should, because the parents need to laugh too. He then admits that it’s not actually children, it’s a bucket of fried chicken, which I mean, again, I think all of us can understand.

Number 3

  • Whale watching. Alright, guys, this one hits close to home for so many parents. So many of us have had a night where either we had too much fun, or a night where we just didn’t sleep well, we didn’t feel good, and our kids want to play in the morning. Because unless it’s something that you need them to do or the child is absolutely… sicker than a dog, kids have no slow speed. They are either full speed or no speed. Unfortunately for Chilli and Bandit, they had too much fun at a New Year’s Eve party. It’s mentioned in the episode that cousin Muffin saw Chilli dancing on the table, and when it’s asked, well why was Muffin awake? Well, she woke up when she heard Uncle Stripe cannonball jump into the pool. Though obviously, they’re having way too much fun, and they are going to pay for it in the morning.
  • But in this episode, Bluey has promised her customer Bingo the best tour ever in a game of whale watching. It’s a lot of work when you’re tired and you don’t feel good and you may have had too much fun the night before to try to be the best parent that you can be. In this episode, though, Bandit and Chilli both rally. They both do what they need to do for their daughters. That involves Bandit being a boat, which honestly I think he got the easier job than Chilli pretending that she’s a whale. Guys, it’s been a adorable episode and like I’ve said, we’ve all been there. We have all been that tired, that not up to playing with our kids, and yet our kids bring out the best of us.

Number 2

  • Granny’s. Bluey and Bingo, love playing a game called Granny’s. Where they pretend that they are Janet and Rita, probably most annoying Granny’s on the planet. But in this episode, they can’t agree on whether or not Granny’s can do the floss dance, which I can’t do the floss dance, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a Granny couldn’t. But this episode is adorable. They’re grocery shopping in their own kitchen, pretending that they’re Granny’s. Bingo tries to shop lift beans, drops them, and then trips and falls, which has produced one of the best lines I have ever heard in a kid’s show of , “I slipped on my beans”! That is being regularly in our house now. Along with “nice parking spot, Rita.” Because guys, the writing in this episode is fantastic. The writing in a show is fantastic.

number 1

  • The sleepover. So a sleepover with cousin Muffin means that Bluey and Bingo get to stay up late. Unfortunately, Muffin is just enough younger than them that she has started skipping a nap. When any parent who’s been with a child transitioning from two naps to one nap and then the unfortunate transition from one nap to no naps understands how absolutely bat crap crazy your kids can go and get tired. Poor little Muffin is so tired in this episode, but Bingo and Bluey, they want to just have fun, they just want to stay up late. Ending up with some very erratic, very crazy moments. Including Muffin biting a table. Muffin yelling “jibby’s”. Muffin jumping on a flamingo yelling “ride. Flamingo ride”. Muffin driving the little toy car into the fountain. Or into the, I guess it’s an inflatable pool. And then having flamingos fly at her and then yelling that she’s the flamingo queen. I don’t care if you guys don’t have kids. You should watch this episode. It’ll make you laugh. I think everybody who’s been around a child understands that this is definitely how kids act. It’s also potentially how somebody who has over-indulged and some of the adult spicy beverages could also act. But it’s hilarious. It’s a great episode.

In Conclusion ….

  • So guys, those are my top five current. My favorite episodes of Bluey, I’m sure there are more episodes that go up. My favorites will change. So let me know in the comments, what do you think? What’s your favorite Bluey moment?
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