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Welcome to the madness

Welcome one and all to the madness! Ok, we aren’t that crazy, we just like to talk a big game. This is the official blog of the FSF PopCast. Here you will find all our random thoughts, lists, transcriptions of shows from Nick, Kathleen, Tim and our head theorist, John the Producer.

What we type here will much like what we put into our video and audio posts on YouTube and your favorite audio podcast providers. You’re not likely to find us being super negative or bashing things …. that’s just not our style. But we will tell you what we don’t like, why we don’t like it, and what’s redeemable about something – if that’s possible. And please feel free to share your comments and thoughts, we have found that sometimes another persons perspective on a topic can help adjust ours. We are very curious to hear what you think!

So if you havent yet – BOOKMARK our page! Lets have some fun! Oh yeah … almost forgot – so long and thanks for the fish!

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